Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introducing you to the world of ADUs

    • What is an ADU?

    • How can an ADU help me?

    • Your ADU as a rental unit

    • Your ADU as a path to homeownership

    • Your ADU used for your aging parents

    • Your ADU as a future downsizing plan

    • Your ADU as a retirement plan

    • Your ADU used to create a 2nd income stream

    • Your ADU as your assisted living plan

    • Your ADU is a long term tool in your life plan

  • 2

    Utah's ADU Regulations

    • ADU Ordinance Explained

    • Utah Cities & ADU Ordinance List

  • 3

    Getting through the process of implementing and ADU

    • It seems pretty simple!

    • Create your a ADU plan